Medicare Advantage- Pathway to Optimal Health

Furthermore, let’s discuss what features are built into the Medicare Advantage plan for different insurance companies.

AARP Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage plans AARP Medicare Advantage plan is available through United Healthcare. These plans include Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D. Along with receiving great coverage, United Healthcare has a lot of hidden incentives for insured enrolled in Medicare Advantage. For example, they have a Rewards Program for preventative care appointment. Every time an individual visit their Primary Care Physician they will receive points that will eventually turn into a reward. Moreover, free vision and dental annual screenings are available with most Medicare Advantage plans. The vision care benefits include a free pair of designer eyeglasses. By providing these aforementioned benefits, individuals could avoid purchasing a separate vision or dental plan if there are no pre existing issues. Under the Humana HMO Medicare Advantage plan, there is no deductible and low copayments for doctor visits with in-network provider. Most of the plans offered by Humana HMO plan includes prescription drugs, low monthly premiums, emergency coverage nationwide, free preventative health screenings and enrollment in the Silver Sneakers program. The Silver Sneakers program provides free across to over 14,000 gyms. This program was designed to help elderly Medicare recipients live a healthy life.

Blue Cross Blue Shield -Medicare Advantage
Blue Cross Blue Shield is a Medicare Advantage plans  insurance company that makes sure quality healthcare is available to all insured at a reasonable price. These plans offer the following key benefits: membership in Silver Sneakers Program, free preventative health screenings for hearing, vision and dental services. This plan also offers mental health services and ways to have doctor visits online. Before choosing a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan, please speak to an insurance agent to discuss plan in detail to make sure you are choosing a plan that fits your specific health needs.

Medicare Advantage is an effective, economical insurance option for individuals 65 years of age and older. This plan can be considered a “one-stop shop” for health care needs, free fitness access, preventative health screenings and prescription drugs. Also, some plans offer free transportation to doctor’s appointments, free home meal delivery after hospitalization and Rewards programs as an incentive to continue living a healthy life. Enrollment in this plan will help elderly individuals reach long term health goals because quality health care is provided as well as tools to reach optimal health are readily available.  Get Medicare Advantage plans  to save.